Browns need a "Serious, Credible Leader"

As the disaster that we call the Cleveland Browns continues to get worse by the day, the only good news that could be coming out of Berea this week is the possible hiring of a "serious, credible leader" by owner Randy Lerner. I'm using the term "good news" as loosely as I possibly can here, folks. The fact that Randy Lerner obviously doesn't consider Eric Mangini to be a "serious, credible leader" speaks volumes. Hey Randy, your "serious, credible leader" needed to be hired before your head coach and probably not in the middle of the season but I appreciate your passion for finding somebody with credibility. I just wish you would have done that back in January.

Jamal Lewis opened more than a few eyes with his comments after yesterday's game, as noted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Running back Jamal Lewis questioned the direction of the team, saying,

"Where are we trying to go and what are we trying to accomplish?"

The future Hall of Famer said he is so distraught with the way this season has gone south after "everybody bought in" in training camp that this would be his last season of playing.

"Period. Point blank. I've done what I needed to do," Lewis said.

Was that just frustration talking?

"When I talk, I mean what I say," Lewis shot back.

The retirement announcement wasn't the eyebrow raiser, it was Jamal's public questioning of the overall direction of the team that says it all. Lewis is frustrated and his mentioning of how "everybody bought in" and it hasn't payed off clearly reflects that. Lewis is a guy that the players respect and look up to so I have to wonder how many other players in that locker room share his views. Whatever Mangini is selling, the players just aren't buying it and the fans aren't buying it either. You could argue that Mangini deserves more time, but assuming that he'll use that time to straighten this thing out is not something that I'm ready to do.

It's the bye week and this team is a complete disaster. Randy Lerner seems to realize something has to happen but hopefully it won't take him the rest of the season to realize that Eric Mangini has this team heading in the wrong direction and hiring him may have been his biggest mistake yet.


  1. First. How can the Browns continue to get worse? That doesn't seem possible.

    Second. What will you say if Lerner hires Ernie Accorse who is obviously very good at what he does but also a Mangini supporter.

  2. Accorse's name was floated around last year but since Lerner rushed to hire Mangoonie he didn't give himself enough time to interview many GM candidates besides Pioli and mabye McKay. Pioli wanted to come here but once he realized Mangoonie was the choice for head coach he ran as fast as he could. I wonder why that is...

  3. Because like Mangini, Pioli wanted full control.

  4. As a GM, Pioli wanted to hire his own coach. That's the way it's supposed to work in the NFL. You hire the GM and let him help in the hiring of the head coach. Lerner has never done it that way and since he had to have Mangenious, he made the mistake in letting him hire his own boss. How's Kokinis working out?

    Pioli wanted full control of the 53 man roster. As the GM, that's not unreasonable.

  5. So hows Pioli doing in KC? 1-6? So instead of Mangini we could of had Todd Haley, thats not an upgrade at this point. Oh, and they're first round draft pick Tyson Jackson has started every game and only has 5 tackles. I think i'll stick with Mangini. Thanks.