Mangini Deserves His Shot

When coaches take over teams as crappy as this team Mangini took over, things don’t turn around immediately. In fact, if you can find me an example of long-term success from a first year turn around maybe i'll listen to why people think Mangini should be fired. I am in the minority and I know it but I want to give Eric Mangini his due time to turn this team around, and by the way it can’t be done over night.

When Belichick took over the Patriots he won 5 games his first year, hell Chuck Knoll only won 1 game his first year in Pittsburgh. You want more? Jimmy Johnson won 1 game in Dallas his first year, what about Bill Walsh in SF, 2 games. Parcells, 3 wins his first year. I could go on but I don’t see the point.

It’s not like the new regime is setting this team back. In order to be set back you had to of been going somewhere. What would set this team back is bringing in another coach that wants his own players and installs a new system. We’ve done that enough. This team needs continuity, that’s right continuity, you know, the same coaches and the same system for more than 2 years in a row. The Browns have to stop switching coaches every 4 years and coordinators every 2.

My goal is not to blame the previous regimes’ or make excuses but lets be honest, Mangini walked into a bad situation. Phil Savage mortgaged the Browns future in 07’ when he gave away all the Browns draft picks, and he failed, miserably. Mangini inherited a team that was full of talentless and diva’ish ball players that were cashing in on a free paycheck, thanks to the Romeo Crennell country club that had been taking place here in Cleveland the previous 4 years.

Mangini’s system is very complex, every play has a sub play and a decoy. A lot of these players are young or if they’ve been with the Browns for the last 4 years they’ve have had to deal with a different coordinator every year. The point is it’s going to take some time to completely understand and be able to execute the plays correctly. This is why you haven’t seen a lot of rookies out there yet, they are still learning, but once they get it they will benefit from it significantly.

I don’t know how anybody can complain about the moves Mangini has made. Maybe the way he does things is questionable but not the moves he’s made. Winslow and Edwards were both divas. Not to mention Braylon couldn't catch and Winslow has missed more games than he’s played because of injuries.

We moved down in the draft and got the guy we wanted while we picked up extra draft picks. Say what you want but Eric Mack looks like he is going to be a staple on the Browns offensive line for a long time. We won’t know about the other draft picks for a couple of years, but don’t count them out before they get a chance, even though that’s what every body is doing with Mangini, counting him out before he gets a chance. I will guarantee that 8 out of 10 people trying to run Eric Mangini out of Cleveland after only 7 games are the same people that say 7 games isn’t enough time to judge Brady Quinn. Whatever.

Bernie was brought in to let Lerner know if Mangini was making progress and if his plan is moving in the right direction. If Bernie tells Lerner that Eric is not the man I think you’ll see another change at the end of the season, but I don’t expect that to happen. The man deserves the chance to prove he can win and build a team. It makes no sense to fire him before he get’s a fair shake. He was hired to do a job, so let him do it.


  1. This team sucked before Mangini got here, I'll give you that. But you can't deny the fact that they suck worse now than they did last year. He had an entire draft and offseason to prepare this team for the regular season yet they haven't looked prepared to play in any games this year. Signs of improvement would go a long way in this town but they simply are not there.

    Most of us fans are sick and tired of it and maybe Mangini is in the wrong place at the wrong time but this franchise is missing out on a whole new generation of young Browns fans and Mangini is doing nothing to give anybody (besides you, apparently) any hope that things will get better.

    Nobody is going to buy season tickets with this knucklehead back as head coach next year and Randy Lerner knows it. Winning is the only thing that will fix this and Mangini has never been a winner and he won't be one here. Maybe he needs more time for his "process" but this franchise is on life support right now and his process is not going to save it.

  2. "Bernie was brought in to let Lerner know if Mangini was making progress and if his plan is moving in the right direction."

    I hope that's not all the Bernie was brought in for because I've been doing that for free on this blog for a while now.

  3. Usually when a team rebuilds they go backwards before they go forwards. When teams turn over they're rosters it makes it impossible to win immediately. Everybody knew this was a rebuild i don't understand why your all jumping ship now.

  4. I'm not jumping ship and neither are the rest of us. We're just tired of losing and even though we knew this was going to be a rebuilding year what we are seeing on the field is not an NFL caliber franchise and quite honestly is a disgrace to the history of this franchise.

    Randy Lerner could have came out and said "I have faith in Eric Mangini and his process for turning this thing around and we need to be patient." He didn't say that. Instead he talked about how we've had nothing to get excited about and as long as Mangini is here we will continue to have nothing to get excited about.

  5. Read into what Randy said how ever you want. Frankly i think none of what he said made any kind of sense. It was not readable.

    i'm just not as willing as you to quit on a coach that hasn't been given a fair shot. ITS BEEN 7 FREAKING GAMES.