Give Mangini Time

Lets all just sit back and relax for a minute. Lets really try to digest what is going on with this Browns team. I know it’s hard to do but we have to give them a chance.

The first thing we as fans must realize is Mangini and Kokinis walked into a huge mess, this team is terrible and it’s going to take a lot more than 5 games to turn things around.

No matter how you look at it, all of the people in charge of the team since 99’ have failed miserably. The one easy way to tell? There are only 2 players left on the roster that were drafted before 2006. Ryan Pontbriand (2003) and Brodney Pool (2005).

What’s the first thing that needs to be done when rebuilding a team? Get rid of the head cases. Get rid of the players that are going to make your job harder than it already is and get rid of the players that take on a me first attitude.

Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards. Two potentially really good players, but two players that are impossible to deal with. These are players that don’t know how to put the team first, players that only care about themselves.

As good as Braylon could be at times and for all the circus catches he made, they will never make up for the inconsistency and lack of concentration he had on the field 90% of the time, or for the distractions he caused off the field. This team will be better off with out him in the long run.

I’m just glad we could get something for him instead of just losing him when the season was over.
Is Derek Anderson the long-term solution at QB? I don’t think so but it could be worse, and at best he could be a 2-year solution.

At least we know he can move the ball, true he may get intercepted more than he gets the ball in the end zone but at least he gives us a chance to get there.

Unlike some other QB I won’t mention because he’s a gun shy pretty boy that completely blew his chances to be an NFL starter unless Derek gets hurt this year and he can redeem himself before he demands a trade in the offseason.

Mangini is rebuilding this team from the inside out. He is stacking this team with depth and lots of young talent. I for one am not of the thinking that building a team through free agency is the way to go (Phil Savage) but by drafting talented quality players in the draft.

Sure, once you have that solid core of players you can bring in your Randy Moss or Jay Cutler via free agency, but you must have a solid core of guys before you bring in your veteran pro-bowler.

Mangini, so far has 11 draft picks next year and he managed to collect 8 last year. We have to give this coach 4 or 5 years to see what he can build. If we throw him out of here before the rebuilding process is complete, the next coach will start the rebuilding all over again. We fans cannot afford that. We need a winner and the quickest way that will happen is if we stick with Mangini, even if that means suffering for 2 or 3 more years.

I believe this coach can get it done. I like his style and I like his attitude. Go Browns.


  1. Mangini earned my respect for shipping Braylon out of here. That's a move that tells me he's serious and he's not going to keep selfish players with me-first attitudes. The players should reflect the blue-collar fanbase and clearly Braylon was not one of us.

    Where can I get a Pontbriand jersey?

  2. So you finally agree with me on something. Interesting. I must be wrong.

  3. I like the Braylon move. Let's take this one step at a time.

  4. Mangini and Kokinis were mistakes. Lerner has realized it and hired Kosar to report on the talent and if it is being used properly. Nobody with even a half of brain could support the choice of Anderson over Quinn. Anderson will be released without compensation, Quinn won't play here next year, and if I were him, I wouldn't go in ths year for ANY amount of compensation. Kosar should be GM by this time next year and at that point the Brown's will begin to rebuild, again, but this time with a real plan and with some idea as to what a football player should be.
    Good bye Derek, You are a nice enough person, and maybe will be a QB in few years, but not here. As for Mangini and Kokinis they are clueless and I hope Lerner has realized his error in hiring them.