King of Changing the Subject

Just because LeBron is done talking about his impending free agency doesn't mean he's done talking.

In what may or may not be his intended strategy, LeBron has managed to both change the subject and keep his name in the headlines.

First it was LeBron's announcement that he was thinking about changing his number after this season and his proposed plan to launch a campaign to get the NBA to retire MJ's number permanently.

Good one, LeBron, they bit on it. Next thing you know, those same talking heads who haven't shut up about LeFree Agency are now pondering whether or not the NBA should actually go through with LeBron's idea and honor MJ by retiring his number. Those headlines lasted for about a week.

So what's next?

Now LeBron's talking about playing football again. He told some members of the Cleveland media that if he really worked hard he could be a good NFL player. Now the national media is pondering LeBron's potential as a two sport athlete. They are going as far as to dig up video of LBJ's playing days back at Akron St. Vincent St. Mary and comparing his physical gifts with current NFL players.

Good job, LeBron, you got 'em again!

Here is my guess for LeBron's next "write about this instead of 2010 topic":

LeBron James Ponders a Career in Hollywood

Good one, LeBron. (Wink, Wink)


  1. He can do whatever he wants. I got past the NY Yankee stunt's, i can get past him needing constant attention, but it'll be a different story if he leaves. Then i will call him a trader, attention whore, cry baby, front runner, snob, flopper, etc.

  2. Why wait until he leaves to call him an attention whore? Its either true or its not true. We know Cleveland needs LeBron yet it sickens me how much ass kissing the media, the administration and fans do in the name of appeasing to the keep soon to be ex #23 (according to LeBron he'll be donning a #6,his lucky number next season)ego.To me the enablers are worse than the attention seeker. People fall for it everytime. I myself am a member of the media and have been guilty of fueling team LeBron.I am a fan however I also written and commented on his divadom as well. At the end of the day,there's gonna be more cheerleaders and yes men that think LeBron can say and do whatever than not,ring or no ring.

  3. Good points Qiana. Just remember, it's Dan Gilbert's signature on the checks - not the media.

  4. BTW, thanks for following. Spread the word.

  5. Soon to come! Lebrons a soldier banner! To replace the old "we are all witnesses" banner on the corner of ontario and huron