Brady Quinn Will Start

Hey Eric Mangini, I’m more smarter than you is. Hey I can think out of the box and get inside the head of a mad man, it’s not that far of a reach for me. I know your starting Brady Quinn this week and I’m going to tell people why.

It’s simple, you have to put people in the stands this week. The Browns are facing a black out on TV and a brown out in the stands, by people who call themselves fans.

You think, best-case scenario for everyone is Brady plays a good game and the Browns win. Hey, it will quiet the fans down for a week and they'll stop hating everyone. You can show everyone that your starting to turn this team around and you actually pulled Quinn after 2 1/2 games to make him a better player.

But lets say Brady falls right on his face, perfect, you can tell the fans to shut up, you know what your doing and he is not the best QB on this team. He is a career back up at best.

You see coach, in your mind you think this is a win win situation but its not. What you don't understand is that 75% of the Cleveland Browns fans have given up on you and will turn anything positive that happens against you.

If Brady wins and plays a good game, the immediate fan reaction will be its your fault that the Browns lost the last 4 games. If you wouldn't of given up on Brady and pulled him after only 2 1/2 games we could of won more games.

If he falls on his face, it'll be because of the play calling and because he's only played against teams with great defenses. You haven't given him a fair shot and your not capable of coaching in the NFL.

Well coach, I can tell you that any decision you make from here on out is lose lose. No matter what you do the fans will make you out to be the enemy, unless you can win, your only option is to win. There are 8 games left, if you can win four then maybe you can get some of the fans back.

The fans have a fever and its only cure is not more cowbell, it's victories.


  1. Good post. I think my problem with Mangini runs deeper than wins and losses though. I don't trust him and I don't believe many of the players do either.

    How's this for a conspiracy..Holmgren tells Lerner that he'll think about taking the Browns VP of Football job but only if he's sure that Brady Quinn is the QB of the future. Next thing you know, he's the starter. I agree with your reasoning but I thought I would throw that our there.

    P.S. if we go to the game, I'm still participating in the Brown-out. You're not the boss of me.

  2. I know you are so to protest your protest im going to not wear a shirt and write Mangenious on my chest.

  3. I think Quinn looked awful on Monday night, although he wasnt given much to work with pathetic play by the offensive line. Give the guy a few more games before you give him the hook again.