Jamal Lewis, Shut Up

It takes a lot of nerve for an underachieving line dancer to call somebody out. Yet Jamal Lewis feels compelled to make a fool out of himself and walk down that road, yet again.

This isn’t about whether Eric Mangini is a good coach or not, this is about Jamal Lewis throwing somebody else under the bus again. This is about Jamal Lewis not taking responsibility for his lack of production. This is about Jamal Lewis pretending to be some one that he is not. How dare you call yourself a leader? How dare you blame anybody else for not producing when you haven’t produced for 2 years. How dare you?

Yesterday in an interview Jamal asked the question "Where are we trying to go and what are we trying to accomplish?" Well Jamal, I asked myself the same question when the Browns signed you to a contract extension 2 years ago. (Yet another great decision by Phil Savage) He then went on to say, “I think this is my last year. I think this is it. Honestly, the way this looks, you know, I had a good run. Period. Point blank. I've done what I needed to do." All that I can say is thank god, 2 years to late, but thank god.

So what has Jamal Lewis done for the Browns since his contract extension other than throw his teammates under the bus? Not much. He has played in 22 games and only produced 1 - 100 yard rushing game and a total of 4 touchdowns. If you ask me I’d say we wouldn’t be missing him too much. With numbers like that it would seem as if he retired when he signed that extension.

So I ask you Jamal, do you promise you’ll retire after this season? Do you promise to free the Browns of the $3.9 million that you’re due next year? That is $3.9 million the Browns can use on somebody that will contribute to this team. For 2 years you have danced around in the Browns backfield like you were a member of the Village People. Besides, once you’ve decided your going to retire, chances are you already have so please feel free to retire now, why wait. You can get right back to doing what you love, trafficking cocaine.

Please Eric Mangini, don’t let this worthless bum touch the field again. I’d rather see Jerome Harrison and Chris Jennings out there. I guarantee when they fumble the ball they won’t blame it on the direction of the team or call players out for quitting and I guarantee you they won’t retire.


  1. You've been waiting for a chance to slam Lewis for a while now. Glad you got this off your chest, finally.

    Sure, he's lost a step or three but Lewis always plays hard and prepares himself well. He hasn't done much, but with 8 men in the box on every down I would say he's been respectable.

    "This isn’t about whether Eric Mangini is a good coach or not..."

    Yes it is. You don't like the fact that Lewis is speaking his mind about how Mangini has given this team no direction. Lewis goes to work everyday and he still has no clue what they are trying to accomplish. What does that tell you?

    It was only a matter of time before a player spoke up and said something like this. If Lewis would rather retire and give up over $3 million than play for Mangini that should tell you enough right there. But it won't.

  2. blah blah blah. You make everything about mangini. Jamal is supposed to be a leader, he should stop throwing his team under the bus in front of the media. He does it to take attention away from him sucking and not being able to hold on to a hand off.

    Don't give me your crap, you know Lewis has been done for two years.

  3. BTW, your right i have been waiting to slam this bum.

  4. You're right, it's not just Mangini. It's Lerner believing that Mangini was the right choice. Now he realizes that he made a mistake and he's fixing it one step at a time.