(Good)Bye Week in Berea: Kokinis Fired

When Eric Mangini was hired he hand-picked George Kokinis to be the new GM and essentially his own boss. Randy Lerner took Mangini's word that Kokinis would be the best choice for GM. Now that Kokinis has been fired, things are starting to become more visible in Eric Mangini's world of secrecy.

Mangini knew that Kokinis would allow him to do whatever he wanted to do with the roster, including bringing in several backups who played for him in New York. Kokinis stayed quiet and toed the company line while Mangini put his stamp all over the 53-man roster by trading away disgruntled talent for backups and draft picks.

Sadly, it took bringing in a special consultant before Randy Lerner finally realized what was going on in Berea. Lerner bought what Mangini was selling and he trusted that Mangini's "process" would bring the Browns back to respectability. This week might be the end of Mangini's "process" as he knows it. It appears that there is a different process underway in Berea now and the facts are starting to become more and more clear as each hour passes.


  1. The best report i've heard about this whole situation is that Kokinis didn't even know Braylon was traded until he saw it on tv.

    I want his job, err, old job.

  2. There was some kind of rift between Mangini and Kokinis and Lerner probably would have never found out about it if not for the "investigation" done by his consultant. Kokinis was making GM money without the GM responsibilities - thanks to Mangini's need to micro-manage every aspect of the organization as possible.