Orlando Lacks Sportsmanship

I for one am offended that Orlando didn’t let the Cavs win game 6 of the ECF. It show’s no sportsmanship or class on their part. How hard would it of been for them to miss some shots or turn the ball over and play lazy on defense? Why didn’t Orlando give Cleveland a chance to win? How selfish of Dwight Howard to put up 40 points and 14 rebounds? If that doesn’t scream poor sportsmanship, I don’t know what does.

I understand Orlando is a good team, and they all help out in the community. But what kind of example are they setting for the youth in this country? There are kids looking up to these guys and the Magic decide it’s a good idea to run up the score and rub it in the Cavs face. Is this what we want our kids to think sports are about? Winning?

I also can’t believe all the celebrating that went on after the game was over. The Magic should of just shook hands with the Cavaliers and walked into the locker room quietly. Instead they act like little kids and run around the court holding 1 finger up in the air, claiming to be #1. They purposely rub the victory in the Cavs faces. What ever happened to winning with grace? What ever happened to sportsmanship?

What are sports in this country coming to? Winning seems to be all that matters anymore. I don’t think we should keep score, everyone can be a winner.

Sounds ridiculous right.

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