Wake Me Up When September Comes

Camp opens August 1st, which is only 45 days away and we here at The Cleveland Sports Flow love our football. Since the Indians suck we decided to join together and touch on a couple things that are going on with the Browns.

QB situation
Never one to shy away from drama, Mangini appears ready to let this thing simmer all summer and even possibly into the pre-season. Based on last season alone, my vote goes to Quinn. I’m excited about Brady Quinn, not Derek Anderson. We know about Derek Anderson. We know that he has a huge arm and can stretch the field but his decision making and leadership skills are questionable. Decision making and leadership are the two things that you must have in your franchise quarterback. A strong arm is a plus, but only if it comes with a side of decision making and leadership.

Brady Quinn basically got the shaft last season when Romeo Crennel refused to replace a struggling and frustrated Anderson when it was obvious that it was Quinn’s time. When finally given his chance, Quinn showed some potential but it was short lived of course because he broke a finger on his throwing hand. I have a hunch that Derek Anderson will be traded before the season opener in September. It could be earlier if another team's starting quarterback gets hurt and a quick replacement is needed. We're guessing a 2nd or 3rd round draft choice will get it done, depending on how desperate they might be.

I hope this is the last quarterback competition in Cleveland for a long time. If there is one position on a football team that should be set before training camp it’s the quarterback. Practice Practice Practice. How can a quarterback get in sync with his team if he’s splitting reps with another quarterback? Wouldn’t you want one guy getting most of the reps with the first string offense? This is Brady’s year and it's his time to shine. He's going to need some time to develop and the majority of Cleveland fans have shown nothing but love for him so I would bet most fans believe he is worth waiting for as long as he makes good decisions and gets better each week.

Donte Stallworth
The thinking in Berea was that Stallworth would not be available this season so the Browns went out and stocked up on a both young and veteran wideouts. Depending on the length of his impending suspension by the commissioner, Stallworth could be eligible to play at some point this season. The question that I am asking is how much the Browns will want him if he’s eligible to play. Will they release him and try to recoup the roster bonus they just paid him? Hopefully this gets resolved without creating a distraction. Stallworth is injury prone and has been known to take plays off. There's no way the new Browns regime is comfortable with his contract. Thanks Phil Savage.

Coach Mangini
First things first. Thank god we didn’t hire Josh McDaniels. Boy has he really screwed any chances of Denver winning 3 games this year. When we hired Mangini I was a little skeptical, but I like him more and more each day. He’s organized, opinionated, knowledgeable, and very detailed. This Browns team needs to be whipped back into shape after being part of the Country Club that Romeo and Co. ran.

It’s hard to judge a first year head coach in June. From what we’ve seen, Mangini is a coach who knows what he wants. He brought in several of his former players to help spread the gospel and make sure everybody understand what exactly it is that he wants. The Browns might not be a playoff team this season but it won’t be because of a lack of discipline or too many mental mistakes like in years past. Personally, I like what Mangini has done in Berea. Let’s see how it translates to the field.

Biggest rookie impact
Brian Robiskie. He was thought by most scouts to be the most NFL ready receiver in this years draft. He runs precise routes and has great hands, which should put him in a spot to be the Browns #2 receiver. He’s not the biggest and he’s not the fastest WR that we have but he can catch the ball. You would be hard pressed to find a WR in the draft who had more NFL experience than Robiskie after having been around the league for years with his dad/NFL coach, Terry.

Shaun Smith
He will be cut before the start of the season. Coach won’t put up with his mouth and the fans hate him because he punched Brady. Nobody puts Brady in a corner. Plus we now have half of the Jets D-linemen so we don’t need him. Mangini is looking for character. Smith is a character, but not the right kind.

Record prediction
I think we can end up 8-8. This team has some talent. If we can stay healthy I think Mangini will turn things around quickly. The record this season is important, but building consistency is much more important. Mangini's Jets faired well in his first season on the job finishing 10-6 in 2006 but took a dip in his second season as head coach going 4-12 in 2007. Although the Jets finished 9-7 under Mangini in 2008, the Jets ownership felt the need to make a change. Hopefully that moves benefits the Browns in the long run.


  1. 8-8? Seriously? The Browns will be lucky to win a game this year. That's right. Lucky to win one game. One game.

  2. Just because your trailer home blew over doesn't mean you have to take you anger out on us.

  3. The status of my mobile home has nothing to do with the Browns being the WORST PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME.

  4. My prediction could be wrong, but to say they'll be lucky to win one game is ridiculous. By the way, are you a Pittsburgh Pirate fan?

  5. Yes, I am a Pirates fan. They've won 2 championships since the Indians last one a title. What's your point?