Please No Rasheed

Six words came to mind when I heard the rumor about Rasheed coming to Cleveland. WHO COMES UP WITH THIS CRAP? Seriously, why would we want the crybaby of all crybabies on this team? If there is one guy in the league that I can’t stand, it’s Sheed, closely followed by Kevin Garnett, but that’s another story. Sheed would bring nothing to this team, and in a survey I made up 80% of basketball fans cant stand him either.

He wouldn’t bring youth he’s 35 and getting slower and lazier by the day. He has a terrible attitude so he doesn’t bring leadership or a positive vibe. His field goal percentage and points per game have been in a steady decline the last couple of seasons. And most importantly he’s Sheed.

There are so many other options out there if the main goal is finding someone that can keep Dwight Howard in check next season. It’s rumored that The Raptors are privately acknowledging that they might need to trade Bosh, or risk losing him as a free agent in 2010. Or how about Shaq, he’s apparently on the trading block. I think free agent Chris Andersen could probably play solid defense against Howard. I'd even take a chance on Jermaine O'Neal.

Rasheed is not the answer and he shouldn’t even be thought of as part of the solution. If the Cavs are going to win next year, $10 million a year for 2 years for Rasheed would be a waste of money and space on the roster.


  1. We need Sheed about as much as we need LeBron to dribble out the shotclock and chuck a deep 3.

  2. Does Ferry think if we get rid of one washed up Wallace we need to replace him with another washed up Wallace?