Nate Robinson uses Twitter in His Dreams

As pointed out by one of our favorite sports news/rumors websites RealGM.com, Nate Robinson was busy "Tweeting" while watching Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Apparently little Nate used Twitter as a means to channel his inner Miss Cleo when he boldly posted the following tweet:

Just for fun, let's ignore the fact that Nate Robinson is a professional basketball player and not a 12 year old school boy posting on Twitter before his bed time (although there is a definite resemblance) and try to make sense of what he is trying to say.

According to Nate Robinson, if the Cavs bench doesn't help LeBron the Cavaliers will be eliminated from the playoffs and LeBron will be a New York Knick.

I'm going to give him a little credit because he is right that the bench needs to step up if the Cavs are going to get even tonight. Big time. Not only does the bench need to step up but the other 4 starters do as well. Even LeBron needs to step up and get his teammates involved more down the stretch instead of dribbling the shot clock out.

Obviously my beef isn't with the first part of this Tweet.

Doesn't little Nate know better than to wish something that horrible on another player in the league? For him to threaten LeBron like that is uncalled for and should be considered cruel and unusual. As if potentially losing in the Eastern Conference Finals wouldn't be painful enough for LeBron, according to Nate he will also be forced to instantly become a New York Knick and play for a team that is more dysfunctional than the football team in the current city of LeBron's residence.

And that kids is why you shouldn't use Twitter to create dreams. Even if your name is Nate Robinson and you are a 12 year old school boy posting on Twitter before your bed time.


  1. wow your analysis was truly one of the stupidest things i've ever read... your 'beef' with the truth..your just butt hurt that Nate is speaking the truth... 'uncalled for' 'cruel and unusual' ahahahahahah

    come up with another excuse to hate on the truth of what will happen

  2. So when is NY's next game? Oh thats right, they suck. "The truth of what will happen" I got $3 that says LeBron doesn't want to go to a losing team and start rebuilding all over again.

    Get a little originality and then come back with something that people care about.