Eric Mangini Compares Choosing a Starting QB to Proposing Marriage

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer published a beautiful quote from new Browns headcoach Eric Mangini in Thursday's edition of the PD.

When asked if he has yet to set a timetable for when he will decide on a starting Quarterback, Mangini offered up this golden nugget of a quote:

"It's like popping the question . . . you just know."

You just know?

You just know that it's the right time choose a quarterback, or you just know it's the right time to ask somebody to share the rest of their life with you?

Because those two things are pretty much the same, right Coach Mangini?

Maybe he meant to say this:

"It's like when Bret Michaels gets down to the last two girls on Rock of Love.....you just know."

Surely that's a more realistic comparison, right Coach Mangini?

I wonder how his wife feels knowing that he uses the same strategy to pick his quarterbacks as he did deciding that it was time to make her "The One".

Hopefully Mangini makes the right decisions and the Browns become a successful franchise. If not, his relationship with the city of Cleveland may just end in divorce.

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