Indians are Worst in MLB. Nobody Cares.

Let's face it. The Cleveland Indians suck. Period. We can't hit. We can't score runs. We can't put a single run on the board for our ace. We can't throw out runners in a close game. We can't hold runners. We can't hold leads. We can't save games. It's May and while the season isn't anywhere near over, it will be very soon if things don't completely turn around. We are talking 180 degrees. Is that going to happen? Not likely.

With all that said, our question is this: Who cares?!

Don't get us wrong, we don't enjoy it when when one of our teams is the WORST TEAM in their respective sport (as of this morning). We don't appreciate the fact that the Washington Nationals are making the Indians look like a AAA ball club.

It's the simple fact that the team playing across the street at Quicken Loans Arena has all but erased the Indians and their many struggles from the minds of Cleveland sports fans with their flawless execution on offense and defense. Does anybody really care that Grady Sizemore struck out 3 times when LeBron James is putting up 47 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists in one of his best playoff performances ever? At this point, the Indians could call up 15 players from AAA Columbus and trade all of their struggling veterans and few would even notice. Ok, so we would notice. But would we care?

Game 4 is tonight and the Cavs have a chance to sweep the Hawks and go 8-0 after winning the first 7 games by double digits. There is nothing else on the mind of Cleveland sports fans today. We care only about witnessing what LeBron James is going to do as an encore to Saturday's showcase. We don't care if Eric Wedge will still be sitting on the bench wearing an Indians hat at the end of the week. Rumors are already starting to heat up indicating that Wedgie's days may be numbered with the Tribe. If Eric Wedge gets a pink-slip we will wish him well and thank him for his services right after we check the stat sheet to see how close LeBron came to a triple-double the night before.

Is that too harsh? It might be. But it's the truth.


  1. So who pee'd in your cheerios?

    but but but we have the 5th ranked defense in the majors.

  2. Not so fast...

    Baseball Prospectus has a fielding-rating system called defensive efficiency, and the Indians are among several franchises that value it. Well, the Tribe ranks 29th out of 30 in that category - only Baltimore is worse. Don't be surprised if you start to see more of Jhonny Peralta at third, Luis Valbuena at second and Asdrubal Cabrera at short. Mark DeRosa would be in the outfield under this setup, which might be used a few times a week. A year ago, the Indians ranked 22nd in defensive efficiency, and they were 17th when winning 96 games in 2007.

  3. Seriously? Defensive efficiency? Well i guess if Pluto says its true it must be true.