Indians. Who, What, When, Where and Why

Who wins the central?

Jamin: The Central could turn out to be a five-team race until the very last games of the season. There are not really any dominant teams in the division. Right now the Kansas City Zack Greinke’s are playing the best ball, but unless Greinke can win 32 games there is no way they stay at the top of the division. I plan on Chicago being at the top in the end with Cleveland and Minnesota close behind. I refuse to give up completely on the Indians. There is a lot of talent on this team, they just need to shake things up a little and get the ball rolling.

O’Ryan: Kansas City – they are due, big time! I’m not sold on Cleveland winning it and I don’t want to see Chicago or Detroit win it if we don’t!

Where do we finish?

Jamin: I put us in the top 3 for sure. I know we are getting off to a slow start but that’s typical for the Indians. We could win the central but in order for that to happen we need to get the pitching on the right track and we need to add a little speed to the line up. The Indians need a true lead off hitter, someone with speed that can get on base and make things happen. I love Grady just as much as the next guy but let’s face it, he should not be a lead off hitter. Think about it, after Grady there is nobody with any kind of speed on this team.

O’Ryan: I’m hoping we finish on top because I believe we are still within striking distance still if we can get the bullpen squared away. If I had to put money on it I say we finish either 2nd or 3rd. Maybe we can steal the wildcard from New York and sneak into the playoffs. That’s very optimistic.

What player are you most disappointed with so far?

Jamin: What in the world happened to Rafael Perez? In 2007 he was lights out, he dominated batters, he finished that year with a 1.78 ERA. Last year he struggled at times but overall finished with a solid year. Now? 18 hits and 19 earned runs in 10.2 innings pitched? Unacceptable! Think about this, in 07’ he gave up 12 earned runs in 60.2 innings pitched.

O’Ryan: Hate to say it because I’m a huge fan but I’m disappointed in Grady Sizemore. I’m not sure if he’s a power hitter who hits home runs or if he’s a leadoff guy who gets on base and steals a few too. One thing is for sure – he strikes out way too much. The Tribe as a whole strikes out way too much. We need to fix that.

When if ever do we turn things around?

Jamin: Right now. Tonight we could tie our season high win streak……..2? Realistically there is still plenty of time. Yes we may be in last place but we are only 6 games out of first, which is presently occupied by KC, a team that will fall apart soon enough. Like I said earlier, this division should be close all year. With a good second half, the Indians should turn out okay.

O’Ryan: My guess is that we have a good if not great second half of the season and put ourselves back into the hunt for the division. The biggest weakness is the bullpen and I think putting Laffey out there will help. I wonder what Kerry Wood can do in an actual save situation. He hasn’t really gotten much of a chance to answer that this season. I personally thought Jensen Lewis should have had a shot to close this year but I understood the Wood signing.

Why are we talking Indians when the Cavs are playing tonight?

Jamin: This is simple. The Cavs are dominating the competition. How many times do people need to hear me say “Lebron is the King” or “Cleveland in 4”. It was time for a change of pace, plus the Indians finally got another win, so I felt what better time than now.

O’Ryan: Because we are writing The Cleveland Sports Flow, not The Cavaliers Sports Flow.


  1. "O’Ryan: Because we are writing The Cleveland Sports Flow, not The Cavaliers Sports Flow."

    Just wait until football season. This will become "THE BROWNS SPORTS FLOW"!!!!

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