Judgement Day

Has Eric Mangini’s future already been decided?

He is currently meeting with Browns new President, Mike Holmgren, whom will hold a press conference today at 4 o’clock to discuss all things football in Cleveland.

My question is; does Mike already have his mind made up or is he actually going to talk with Eric and see if they can work together?

Gut feeling says Mangini is gone and Mike won’t even give him a chance.

Lets look at what we know.

1. Mangini runs the 3-4 defense and Holmgren runs the 4-3.
2. Holmgren runs the West Coast offense and Mangini does not.
3. The players have bought into Mangini’s system.
4. Eric won more games than the team last year and with much less talent.
5. Mangini removed the divas and added hard core players.
6. Finished the season strong with 4 consecutive wins, including beating the Steelers.
7. Three different systems in 3 consecutive years could ruin some of these players.
8. Mangini is a control freak.
9. One year isn't long enought to evaluate a coach or system.

All in all, the first two points will probably override the rest. I’m not sure how the two systems can coexist. Personally I’m going into this a little bit on the edge of what I want to happen. I like Mangini, I like what he’s done with this team and I don’t want Holmgren to fire him, but I also don’t want to put this organization behind another 2 years. And if the two can’t work together, keeping Mangini on board will only set this team back further and nobody wants that!

I'll put this out there right now. I'm not a fan of the Mike Holmgren hiring! I would choose Mangini being the coach over Holmgren being the President any day. We all know Eric has potential as a coach, he's showed us he can win and he can get the players to buy into his system. Holmgren failed in his only try as GM which to me says he's not credible or experienced at being a President.

Surprising enough, Mangini’s approval rating has sky rocketed to 71% which means people like this loser are now in the minority. Step over to the Pro-Manginious side with the rest of us, it’s going to get lonely over there all by your self.


  1. Holmgren was trying to balance being a GM and a Head Coach at the same time. I don't think it's fair to say that he can't be a successfull team president because of that. Remember, as president he will have a GM and a Heach Coach working for him - something that he has not done before. One thing we do know is that everywhere Holmgren has gone he has been successful. Can you say that about Mangini?

  2. So you can use the too much on his plate excuse for Holmgren but it doesn't apply to Mangini? Whatever. And yes i would say Mangini has been successful. His first two seasons as a head coach he had a winning record and he did pretty good in N.E.

  3. I think the browns need some major help. Yes holmgren would be a great addition but they need to pick up some needs on the team player wise also.